About the Great Artesian Basin Protection Group

The Great Artesian Basin Protection Group is a not-for-profit organisation whose objectives are;

To protect, conserve and preserve for sustainable beneficial use, the surface and ground waters, and the integrity of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) including, but not limited to:

  1. promotion and protection of ecological and sustainable development; and
  2. commissioning of technical reports and submission in relation to the impacts of development, of and upon the GAB and the farmland and communities that depend upon it.

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The Australien Government made an ad about its Renewable Energy policy, and it's surprisingly honest and informative!

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Love these videos, so good at getting to the point and right on target. Keep telling it as it is, not what the Government spoon feeds us, a pack of lies, exaggerations, and commonly called BS.

2 days ago

Great Artesian Basin Protection Group

Whitehaven are doubling down and drilling multiple holes down into the coal seam adjacent to the Pilliga East State Forest for the Narrabri underground coal mine.

The above ground footprint of this mine is enormous. Unlined sumps numerous. Emissions unquantified.

This video was taken from the public Scratch Rd.

NB. This activity is A OK according to all the regulatory bodies.
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This continual destruction has to stop now.

Oh do please STOP this!

"IEEFA's Bruce Robertson calls it as it is - an Australian gas cartel run largely by tax-dodging multinationals. One would call this a farce if it wasn't so damaging to industry and consumers. The govt. is asleep at the wheel, like ASIC & the ATO!" ... See MoreSee Less


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WANTED A freedom of information search of the LNPG Contract conditions. Someone is making a lot of OUR money. Someone in Government co-operated and schemed to help them do it. Someone knew the legal route through the Government laws to outwit the underweight politicians (easy) and cheat the rightful resource owners (you) and collected their ill gotten reward in small pieces of silver. There must be a few contracts with signatures hidden in a few draws! Possibly a few porkies were told to get those signatures? Maybe there are some conditions on those contracts but they have not been enforced because it’s someone “else’s” job? Its all too hard for politicians to own up to their incompetence but they will find someone else to carry the can if pushed. It would be best for those people to blow the whistle first. I wonder why the Gov. Is passing draconian laws to stifle embarrassing information. Set up a legal search of those documents, find a crack, any weak point. Publicize it. My $1000 is waiting for the campaign to start raising the search fees!

They're not asleep at the wheel - they've been ordered not to "see" it

Malcolm any answers to this Malco Malc?

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War4Water Concert

  • Pub open Midday, Concert from 1pm
  • Armatree Hotel

WAR4WATER Concert 2018 Featuring: Sara Storer, The Bushwackers & Greg Storer Sunday 3 June 2018 at the Armatree Hotel Pub open

We are all in this fight together, we’re here together because we all care about our country and know that water is valuable and we need to protect it. It’s what sustains us all here in this room today. The land and the waterways are in our songs and story lines, our memories and dreaming, it’s in our blood all of us here.

Teresa Trindall

Gamilaroi Woman, GABPG meeting 10 Feb 2018

We have been let down by our leaders but that’s not good enough, we will stand firm, the people will speak and they will not let this happen

We have an obligation to hand over to future generations whats been given to us

David Chadwick

Tamworth Country Cares Concert 2018

We have the largest, deepest artesian basin in the entire world under almost a quarter of Australia,  I believe it’s the single greatest resource and asset Australia has.

Anne Kennedy