About the Great Artesian Basin Protection Group

The Great Artesian Basin Protection Group is a not-for-profit organisation whose objectives are;

To protect, conserve and preserve for sustainable beneficial use, the surface and ground waters, and the integrity of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) including, but not limited to:

  1. promotion and protection of ecological and sustainable development; and
  2. commissioning of technical reports and submission in relation to the impacts of development, of and upon the GAB and the farmland and communities that depend upon it.

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Whats happening on our Facebook Page

"A former Queensland government water chief says the government has "no clue" what Adani's mine and others will do to the state's underground water sources.
Tom Crothers is a former general manager for water allocation and planning in the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management, and is now a water policy consultant.
He says the government has been telling people the state's underground water stores are being managed sustainably.
But in truth it has no idea of the cumulative impact if all nine Galilee basin mine proposals, including Adani's, proceed.
He said the government should never have allowed Adani's mine proposal to proceed as far as it has.
"What we're really facing here is we're facing an attack on science, versus the politics of jobs."
Mr Crothers said 270 gigalitres, or 108,000 Olympic swimming pools, would be lost over the life-span of the Adani mine.
He repeated concerns raised by other water experts that the company's hydrological modelling is dubious."
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A shocking situation. Betrayal of water resources & the environment by the State Government in an effort to hold on to power. 30 pieces of silver transactions have a bad history of failure. A huge can of worms has been opened.

Can we do an on line partition? Take it to called Under our Constitution they have no right as the people run the country and the government is supposed to act on our wishes ? Get in contact with the Great Australian Party

Australia never learns wake up stop destroying the country.

a favourite surveyors joke is that lawyers hide their mistakes , doctors bury them , and politicians lie about them but surveyors hang up all their mistakes for everyone to see in the titles office

As with everything they do.lts all about the money, never the people who pay their overpriced wages

Australia has to get their act together

This is the essence of evil avarice!!!

Hate what the government is letting happen to Australia for short term monetary gain. Just hate it.

If you think this is bad, you want to hope that the LNP, doesn't win the next Queensland election.


Nobody gives a fuck.......we are all complacent and will face the consequences of our speciale apathy

They not only don't have a clue about what adnani mine will do to the groundwater, they also do not give a damn 🤬🤬🤬

Its not leaching 200+ cubic metres of radioactive water into the ocean daily made in japan.

This governmental era will go down in history as the most incompetent.

$$$$$$$$..that is their one and only objective 😥

This is so bad who is going to STOP 🛑 this

Tom Crothers for PM 👍

Of course the pollies don't have clue that is why they asked the experts ,but even then they do want they want not want the experts advise them to do they rathet the advice of people who don't care about Australia or their own advisers just people who have large cheque books .

What a load bullshit they don't know ,for eff sake,how many mines active in Australia atm,how many especially not active n total effing destruction of ecosystem they caused n huge amount of pollution into water table from chemical they use for cleaning n amount oil dumped in the ground from stupid things like truck n machinery ,I worked in mines for 16 years n seen first hand n seen how they get ride there consumable waste by digging trench n throwing everything in it n I mean anything n everything,from plastic to drums oil n fuel etc... these people whom call themselves scientists are far from the meaning of the word,n let's not mention the payed off so called environmentalist n met few that just sign things without looking n payed a lot cash to keep quiet n just give the mine ok.... n so called scientists n politicians lol have no use idea what a joke ,you only have to research mines around the world n environmental impact they cause.... I quite mines cos the f destruction they cause to nature n fucktard humans work there that ignore destruction n pollution cos money they make... adani is just another overseas corporation don't be fooled ,killing out country n its natural environment n this parasitic corporation looking into sourcing Labour from India which exposed recently ... coal mine with no major country's wanting it now like China etc are dumping coal n fossil fuels for renewables which stated on sbs news just couple days ago.. so the customers use to have ,no longer won't coal n oil so the only customers is India atm n they be buying it cheap so not logical to export let alone waste huge amounts energy for very little return....

And what's more they don't care - bastards

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We are all in this fight together, we’re here together because we all care about our country and know that water is valuable and we need to protect it. It’s what sustains us all here in this room today. The land and the waterways are in our songs and story lines, our memories and dreaming, it’s in our blood all of us here.

Teresa Trindall

Gamilaroi Woman, GABPG meeting 10 Feb 2018

We have been let down by our leaders but that’s not good enough, we will stand firm, the people will speak and they will not let this happen

We have an obligation to hand over to future generations whats been given to us

David Chadwick

Tamworth Country Cares Concert 2018

We have the largest, deepest artesian basin in the entire world under almost a quarter of Australia,  I believe it’s the single greatest resource and asset Australia has.

Anne Kennedy