About the Great Artesian Basin Protection Group

The Great Artesian Basin Protection Group is a not-for-profit organisation whose objectives are;

To protect, conserve and preserve for sustainable beneficial use, the surface and ground waters, and the integrity of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) including, but not limited to:

  1. promotion and protection of ecological and sustainable development; and
  2. commissioning of technical reports and submission in relation to the impacts of development, of and upon the GAB and the farmland and communities that depend upon it.

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1 day ago

Great Artesian Basin Protection Group

Post from Dan Lanzini:
"Working around the clock.
Headed for the Pilliga"

Inland Rail
1,700 kilometres - 13 distinct projects. 🏗️

See what it takes to build Australia's largest freight rail infrastructure project. 🛤️ #InlandRail
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The clip, according to IR, is from the Broken Hill line.

Couldn't of build a high speed rail connecting the major cities but will spend our taxes for mining infrastructure Woohoo

Is it still going through Barnabys farm, maybe that's why they are going so fast, to assist him with his divorce settlement

How much Govt funding is going into this project?

Is this owned by China as well

Couldn't have upgraded the Railway line here on Eyre Peninsula where we need a freight train grain train oh n a people train would be nice too. We r getting sold out by fed n state gov who dont realise they don't pay their debt to China they WILL TAKE OUR LIFESTYLE AWAY

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6 days ago

Great Artesian Basin Protection Group

NEW VIDEO: Polluting the Pilliga

Narrabri Underground Coal Mine has been described as "Coal seam gas on steroids" and is currently seeking to expand. www.whitehavencoal.com.au/narrabri-mine/

Narrabri & Gunnedah community members can complete a survey about this expansion here: www.surveymonkey.com/r/Narrabri-SIA
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We are hosting Pulse of the Earth Festival in Bingara Sept 6-8th (1 hour from Narrabri). The festival is about earth, renewal, regenerative practices, carbon, drought relief and alot more! Please share with your circles of like minded earth loving people. We would love a Artesian Basin education stall! This festival will be pulling people from the whole region and beyond.

lot of damage...

It's bloody terrible what is going on behind our backs.

Gas is a fossel fuel. We must reduce our use of it.


Ban fracking everywhere

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WAR4WATER Concert 2018 Featuring: Sara Storer, The Bushwackers & Greg Storer Sunday 3 June 2018 at the Armatree Hotel Pub open

We are all in this fight together, we’re here together because we all care about our country and know that water is valuable and we need to protect it. It’s what sustains us all here in this room today. The land and the waterways are in our songs and story lines, our memories and dreaming, it’s in our blood all of us here.

Teresa Trindall

Gamilaroi Woman, GABPG meeting 10 Feb 2018

We have been let down by our leaders but that’s not good enough, we will stand firm, the people will speak and they will not let this happen

We have an obligation to hand over to future generations whats been given to us

David Chadwick

Tamworth Country Cares Concert 2018

We have the largest, deepest artesian basin in the entire world under almost a quarter of Australia,  I believe it’s the single greatest resource and asset Australia has.

Anne Kennedy