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The Great Artesian Basin Protection Group is a not-for-profit organisation whose objectives are;

To protect, conserve and preserve for sustainable beneficial use, the surface and ground waters, and the integrity of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) including, but not limited to:

  1. promotion and protection of ecological and sustainable development; and
  2. commissioning of technical reports and submission in relation to the impacts of development, of and upon the GAB and the farmland and communities that depend upon it.

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Media release: 'NSW Government must ditch Narrabri gasfield after Barwon loss.'

The massive swing away from The Nationals in the NSW seat of Barwon has shown the majority of residents in north-west NSW oppose the proposed Narrabri gasfield as they voted overwhelmingly for candidates that promised to stop it.
Lock the Gate spokesperson Georgina Woods said Premier Gladys Berejiklian and National Party leader John Barilaro should heed voters’ calls and reject the destructive coal seam gas (CSG) proposal.
“Communities in north-west NSW have been fighting against CSG for more than a decade. The NSW Government should use this election result as a clear mandate to stop it,” she said.
“The National Party candidate was the only serious contender in Barwon that did not oppose the Narrabri gas project.
“The successful Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate, Roy Butler, was one of many candidates who promised to stop the Narrabri gasfield, and that platform has now been overwhelmingly endorsed by voters.
“Huge National Party losses in polling booths like Coonamble and Coonabarabran where there is strong opposition to CSG highlights the impact the issue had.
"We call on the leader of the NSW Nationals, John Barilaro, to stand up and stop Santos’ Narrabri gas project and protect the water resources of North West NSW from CSG.
"NSW does not need this gas - the Port Kembla import gas terminal will be providing gas to NSW years before any gas from the Narrabri gasfield. It’s not needed and it’s not wanted,” she said.
Ms Woods said the threat the Narrabri CSG Project posed to water resources, including to a vital recharge area of the Great Artesian Basin, was completely unacceptable.
The Barwon election result is the latest evidence of widespread opposition to CSG including:
- More than 100 communities across three million hectares in north-west NSW have surveyed their populations door to door and declared themselves gasfield free.
- More than 23,000 submissions were made opposing the Narrabri gas project and extensive door-knocking in Narrabri itself has revealed majority opposition to it.
Further comment: Georgina Woods 0437 405 932'
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<3 Short memories.. When the SFF helped pass the #NSWProtestLaw, the numbers 'peacefully protesting' to save the Pilliga were safely eliminated.. Think about it.. Bless.x m.facebook.com/1925382557788824/photos/a.1925738024419944/2264552300538513/?

No matter what or who.. we must not risk our GAB water reserves. No excuses. Water comes first. Not an area for CSG or mining.

Sorry if this comment sounds a lot like Negative Nigel™, but haven't the NSFW voters just reendorsed corrupt practices by their coalition gummint and its officers (as exposed by 4Corners and others over their past term) by re-electing it? I'm anticipating another four years of similar behaviour (and remain grateful to live in a state where corrupted environmental policies are frequently challenged and sometimes even arrested …). Happy to be proven wrong. (y)

And they want to stop people hating one another even if they are being trampled to death! The useless politicians in the National Party have deserted their forbears of the Country Party. Barnaby Joyce is off on his own selfish track.

Totally agree this project unacceptable risk to the environment

was not just bloody that, It was also the way The morally corrupt Nationals destroyed a river system for their irrigator friends

Please send to your local paper


Fantastic result!!!

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4 days ago

Great Artesian Basin Protection Group

An open letter from Coonamble Farmer Adam Macrae.
Before you cast your vote this weekend - please read!

Dear voter,
My name is Adam Macrae.
Since 1905 my family have farmed in the Coonamble district where we could expect 17 inches of rain annually. Our last effective fall was in September 2016.
I am a husband and father. My wife Row and I are entrenched in our community, we both work in town and are involved in heaps of community activity.
Our kids play footy, netball, cricket, tennis, they swim and the girls do Physie. They’re also getting pretty useful on the farm. Life was good, then came the threat of gas and pipelines, it changed our life. We believed our political representatives worked for us. We don’t believe this anymore.
The spin has lost it’s shine and we know now that we would be collateral damage to a juggernaut industry that thinks nothing of the ruin it would bring to our community. This damage is supported by the Liberal/National party coalition that currently hold power in NSW.
Please be under no illusions that when Pro-Gas lobbyists, companies and LNP politicians refer to Liquid Natural Gas, and show you an image of a lovely clean blue flame the COLD HARD REALITY IS LNG IS CSG. It’s Coal Seam Gas – a filthy, carbon emitting, Great Artesian Basin Destroying FOSSIL FUEL.
In the interests of balance lets closely examine the POSITIVES of CSG, and more importantly, the SANTOS Pilliga project.
Positive #1: This project will spread lasting economic prosperity (according to Santos and the Nationals), developing and attracting new industries to the communities blessed with its presence. Because with rivers drying up at an alarming rate, and all other water resources pushed to breaking point, what inland NSW really needs is a power of new water-guzzling industry!
Positive #2: This project is a big deal, Santos say it “could” supply 50% of NSW Gas needs. I mean, if you’re going to bugger up the only reliable supply of fresh water for 10s of 1,000s of people across 22% of Australia’s land mass, you’d want to be sure this thing is going to be of substantial benefit to the rest of the population? Right?
So, lets examine Positive #1 (Spread wealth and economic prosperity). Enter Chinchilla: a case study – a sleepy little regional QLD town, population 6,000 in 2006.
In 2006, before gas came to town, the median house value was $275,000. Bring on 2015, median house value exploded to $380,000 in the middle of the Gas boom. Then in 2018 median house value had fallen to $191,000 (50% of what it was at the height of boom, and maybe more alarmingly, 30% less than BEFORE gas came to town, 12 years prior).
The moral of that story is that CSG won’t just bugger up the water it will bugger up your economy – the very thing it’s supposed invigorate.

Let’s delve further into the “Spreading of Economic Prosperity” myth.
Agriculture vs the CSG industry:
Beef production is just a small piece of the picture… dryland cropping, sheep, plus all the service and government industry that runs off the hip of agriculture in most of the regional/rural communities and don’t forget tourism either.
Last year beef pulled $18.4bn and had 438,000 employees (that’s $42,009 per employee). Factor in that the vast majority of beef operations are run by families, (speaking from a lifetime of experience), who are probably not mailing off truckloads of cash to the Cayman Islands. The average jackaroo or ringer can be pretty happy that he or she is getting a reasonable slice of the pie, which they will typically spend on all the usuals around town, supporting the local or regional economy.
Last year gas pulled $31.7bn and had 27,500 employees ($1.2 million per head). You can bet that poor bastard in Chinchilla with a $380,000 house wouldn’t mind his fair share…. FAT CHANCE! So, as you can see, the CSG industry is worse than useless at distributing it’s substantial economic spoils.
Lets have a close look at Positive Reason #2. (The Narrbri Gas Project is a big deal)
The total annual gas use of NSW is around 2.4 million tonnes. The Narrabri Gas project “could” provide half of that according to Santos. This financial year, Australia will export 77 million tonnes of LNG. Put simply, the total annual production of the Pilliga Gas project is exported every 6 days.
Given the economic, social and environmental risks to our communities could anyone in their right mind argue that those risks are worth just 6 days of production?
However it is us – the host communities (the collateral damage), the stewards of the land, the producers of food who are being regularly and repeatedly admonished for being selfish, greedy and obstructionist by gas industry proponents (for example, Daily Telegraph 19.3.19 “Time For Us To Hit The Gas”), and by politicians from the conservative parties at all levels of government, including our own state and federal members and the PM himself.

The good news is that the time to act is now. This is our moment, by using your vote wisely and voting for credible alternatives you can change the course of history. Our current representatives – those in government right now are the ONLY people in support of this project. 97% of people in the communities surrounding the Pilliga are opposed to CSG.
Please share this letter, talk about it with a colleague this week, today, now.
Good people with a conscience are required in big numbers across NSW to make this an issue when you enter the polling booth on Saturday 23rd March.
Please choose a credible alternative representative to vote for who will protect your food bowl, your small communities, your water and your environment. Put the Nats last. Vote them out. Deny them their opportunity to damage our communities even further.
Adam Macrae
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Well written and very true statement.

Well said! Hopefully the rusted on Nats use their thinking hats and consider their votes and the affects of said vote.

Thanks Adam.

Would this not already be being polluted?

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Teresa Trindall

Gamilaroi Woman, GABPG meeting 10 Feb 2018

We have been let down by our leaders but that’s not good enough, we will stand firm, the people will speak and they will not let this happen

We have an obligation to hand over to future generations whats been given to us

David Chadwick

Tamworth Country Cares Concert 2018

We have the largest, deepest artesian basin in the entire world under almost a quarter of Australia,  I believe it’s the single greatest resource and asset Australia has.

Anne Kennedy