The Great Artesian Basin: more than the eye can sea

A Question of Balance: CRN (Community Radio Network)

Hydrogeologist, John Polglase, digs into the many layers of the Great Artesian Basin.
The sedimentary rock formations and strata that make up the Great Artesian Basin, and which are home to the groundwater, ore bodies, coal and petroleum products mined by humans, are essentially flawed. Not only were many different sedimentary materials laid down over millions of years by different erosion and weathering events, but also, they have subsequently been affected by temperature, pressure, fluids and tectonic plate activity. As a result they are not as cohesive, continuous or as horizontal as commonly depicted. (ie the sponge cake diagrams of sedimentary layers). These diagrams of horizontal ‘subterranean layers’ are only drawn to show simple concepts, and are not a reflection of reality.

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