The greatest environmental threat?

ABC interview re coal seam gas - on 19/4/2010

This is an abc radio interview with Kelly Fraser-Parle and Drew Hutton, of Queensland.    They talk of leaking gas wells, and the enormous human health and environmental impact posed by the coal seam gas and mining industries.  Drew Hutton talks about the threat to the GAB from coal seam gas, that 40,000 wells are to be dug in their region, and that 10 million mgL of GAB water will be brought to the surface.   He says that this is the biggest single environmental threat to Qld.   (Interview 19/4/2010)

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  1. Stuart Bell says:

    A Chinese owned resort outside Warwick with plans to build a small town of up to 4000 people has just recieved approval from the Qld govt to extract water from a bore to allow the project to procede. A meeting of concerned residents was told last night that there was no certainty that this would not have adverse consequences on water tables and the environment. This project is being carried out in an area which is recognised as one of the major populations of spotted-tailed quolls left on mainland Australia. They need protection, we need help.

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