Australia’s agriculture under threat from mining

Radio 2GB - Alan Jones, 20.4.2011

Do listen to this excellent program. Alan Jones talks with Fiona Simson (of NSW Farmers) and Senator Bill Heffernan, about Australian food security, and says this is the gravest issue he has ever addressed. He says how our governments are virtually turning Australia into a giant mine, with no thought at all for the future. And that 70% of NSW is under mining or gas licence, and exploration licences; he says that governments care about nothing but money! Alan said we’re allowing Coal Seam Gas companies to ride roughshod over owners of freehold agricultural land. He reads some letters from the CSG companies to the farmers – they are unbelievable.
Bill Heffernan explains how no-one knows or understands what will happen to the Great Artesian Basin with all this CSG mining – yet the governments all keep approving it anyway.
Fiona explains how we must have a moratorium (a ‘pause’) on all these approvals, until they they can prove that the industry won’t deplete and pollute our aquifers and ruin our farming land.

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