110922 Question Without Notice Coal Seam Gas

Senator Larissa Waters in parliament, questions re coal seam gas

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters asks important questions in parliament, that need some urgent answers. Senator Waters says there are massive concerns raised (and also within government departments) about what the CSG industry will do to our groundwater. She asks, Where are the aquifer connectivity studies, that should have been done? Where is the ‘water monitoring and management plan’?? How can a csg mining approval be granted, without the state govt. having any information on studies?
Senator Waters also reports that the head of the Qld. govt. LNG enforcement body, made some alarming admissions – that CSG mining would have aquifer and regional scale impacts. And that the govt. is only monitoring 10% of the CSG wells, for leaks or for aquifer connectivity.
These are vital questions that require answers…..
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