Gas seam mining

ABC radio - Mornings, with Angela Owen 10.03.2011

There was much fallout from the 4 Corners Show of a couple of weeks ago which investigated the level of gas exploration and coal seam gas mining in Australia

It raised concerns about the transparency of the coal seam gas industry, the impact on farming operations and the inability of farmers to halt the progress of wells on their land once it started, amongst other things.
Anne Bridle, a Queensland landowner featured on the show with serious concerns as to legislation issues as well as the general lack of real information out there for landowners. So she has done something about it and has helped establish a website which amongst other things has a useful fact sheet for landowners.

The website is also launching today a new calculator tool which shows landowners conceptually what actually will happen to their land – how many wells could be potentially be dug.

Listen to her interview with Angela below.

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