Four Corners – The Gas Rush

ABC TV - 'Four Corners' - 21.2.2011 Reporter - Matthew Carney

Four Corners investigates the CSG industry, and its cost to farmers, the GAB and the environment.
One farmer claims his water supplies are dropping alarmingly as the coal seam drilling causes the water table to drop at an accelerated rate. This cattle farmer believes he may only have two years supply left in one of his key water bores.
Then there is the danger posed by faulty gas wells. The program shows local activists testing for leaks and finding highly explosive gasses leaking at alarming levels.

Others talk of their fears that Australia’s greatest underground water resource, the Great Artesian Basin will be contaminated and depleted. Four Corners details cases of water supplies being tainted by salty toxic water.
Many of those affected are beginning to work together on a national campaign to call a halt to “The Gas Rush”.

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  1. Shah Mohammed says:

    As A concerned citizen, I must stress that ‘fracking’ for gas in US was only possible after the gas giants were exempted from clean water acts and clean air acts . Hence they could progress with ANY toxic chemicals.

    We also need to advise farmers and fruit industries in SA regarding the impending destruction of infusion of toxic chemicals in our water systems.

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