Alan Jones speaks to Senator Bill Heffernan about coal seam gas mining

Radio 2GB - Alan Jones - 11.11.2011

Alan Jones discusses corruption in politics, dredging Gladstone Harbour, and the coal seam gas industry, then talks to Senator Bill Heffernan.
Alan says that dredging in Gladstone Harbour is taking place on a level impossible to comprehend – 46 million cubic tonnes of seabed is being dredged to make way for 2 LNG plants and export hubs. This has been responsible for an outbreak of fish diseases and deaths.
He then talks about CSG – and the fact that 11 million litres of water is used to frac a single gas well. The National Water Commission says the CSG industry will extract 7,500 BILLION litres of water from underground systems over the the next 25 years.
Then Alan talks of the chemicals used – that over 750 different chemicals and compounds have been used in fracking, most of them not disclosed by the CSG industry. In Australia there is no requirement for CSG companies to tell us what compounds have been added.
And finally he talks to a very concerned Senator Heffernan, who is hoping to complete his Senate inquiry into the CSG industry, by the end of this month. Heffernan talks about the govt. documents he has found, where the government was advised of the risks of this CSG industry in 2006.
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