Chris Hartcher on mining on farm land

Alan Jones - 2GB radio

Alan Jones says: “The battle lines are drawn between the food security of this country, and the mindlessness with which State and Federal governments (predominantly the State govt’s) are giving the green light to mining companies to pillage prime agricultural land and trample on farmers.”

His interview with Energy Minister Chris Hartcher will send shivers through the collective Community spine. Listening to Chris Hartcher, all one can feel is absolute despair. He is going to “set up a whole range of measures” – So that mining and agriculture can “co-exist”? The only ‘measure’ in place is business as usual – as you would expect when the main beneficiary is also the umpire.

And the Politicians are determined to cling to the totally busted myth of “co-existence” – instead of creating better planning laws.
Only a few days ago, NSW Farmers Association president Fiona Simson said, “The govt’s draft land use policy is all about ‘mitigating damage’ rather than protecting farming land.”
Just listen to the Energy Minister’s ‘spin’ from a government that’s “backing away at a hundred miles an hour from its pre-election promises, to protect agricultural land from mining.”
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  1. j huscroft says:

    I am so sorry to have misjudged you all these years Alan Jones. Your tenacity and determination to extract the facts from a politician (aka Chris Hartcher, why do they call them honourable when they are anything but?) had me in raptures. Having travelled the New England Highway through Singleton and Musswelbrook on many occasions and seen first hand the damage that mining has done to once pristine farming land I despair for the future of the land. I can think of far better uses for the $200,000 the minister (with lower case ‘m’, a measure of the respect I have for him) garnishes in annual salary. Thankyou for giving us, the public, this forum with which to voice our dissent at the way our country, state, is being pillaged by foreign interests with the apparent knowledge and consent of our so called leaders.

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