Coal Seam Gas Moratorium

Published by Mike Mizzi on 27.1.2012

Please sign this petition requesting a Moratorium on CSG exploration and mining. I would like to add to the petition that the Report (when completed) be independently peer reviewed, as many of the experts on the Committee are not ‘independent’ at all, but receive their funding from the govt. or the mining industry.
There should be an immediate halt to the destruction of our aquifers and farming land, at least until they do some studies and get the science right.
The petition reads:

“To the honorable Tony Burke Minster for water:

We the undersigned request that the minister halt all Coal Seam gas exploration and mining until such time that the Interim committee to advise on coal seam gas and large coal mining has reported on it’s findings and the report is tabled in the federal parliament and debated in both houses of the federal parliament.

After which the report is publicly distributed via several media and public comment and submissions are fully considered.

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4 Responses to “Coal Seam Gas Moratorium”

  1. Dr JW Sheridan says:

    The Great Artesian Basin is essentially a non-renewable resource that sould be used sparingly as a source of potable water and for agricultural production. It is far too valuable a resource to be fritted away, or polluted, by short lived extractive industries such as coal seam gas mining. The water of the Great Artesian Basin will be needed by future generations. To waste it for short term gain would be a criminal act that must not be permitted by the government.

  2. I agree with Dr. Sheridan and as the Immediate SA Vice President of the Murray Darling Association i have for a number of years been seeking my association to research the conuctivity between the MDB and the GAB. We MUST protect our countries ground water at all costs it may be our last line of defence down the track. It’s about Austral;ia’s future!

  3. Wendy Simpson says:

    We must protect our rural , food producing areas from being raped by this industry, and protect our artesian water for future generations.

  4. Rob Wright says:

    Several elements are of major concern for me. The deceptive practice of the miners often doing deals behind closed doors then tricking landowners to gain access. The actual process of damage to the environment. The possible corruption of politicians, people we elect to represent us. And then the people who we want to oversee and regulate the fracking process?
    Its akin to giving my accounts payable the cheque book and authority to sign.

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