Great Artesian Basin report

A new report reveals The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) in the Pilliga Forest of North West NSW is one of the most critical water recharge areas and is under siege from unconventional gas mining. The report will be presented at today’s meeting of the NSW Great Artesian Basin Advisory Group in Mudgee. Resource company Santos […]

Credit Suisse Equity Research – Santos Report

This important report by Credit Suisse economists discusses the gas price hike, particularly in relation to Santos’ admission that they developed the GLNG plant at Gladstone in part to drive up the price of gas in Australia and force a revaluation of their tenements. The key sentence from the report from Credit Suisse says “Santos […]

Exposure to severe urban air pollution influences cognitive outcomes, brain volume and systemic inflammation in clinically healthy children

Exposure to severe air pollution produces neuroinflammation and structural brain alterations in children.

The Coming Famine – Prof. Julian Cribb

The Coming Famine – Constraints to global food production in an overpopulated, affluent and resource-scarce world. Worldwide, groundwater is running out at an alarming rate, especially in regions using it to grow food.

The Great Artesian Basin: more than the eye can sea

Hydrogeologist, John Polglase, digs into the many layers of the Great Artesian Basin, and gives a fascinating insight into how the GAB is formed.

Assessment of impacts of CSG operations

“Assessment of impacts of the proposed coal seam gas operations on surface and groundwater systems in the Murray-Darling Basin.”

Water issues in the Great Artesian Basin (Water for the future)

Government website (Water for the Future) –

Australia’s Artesian Basin – $14 Billion down the drain each year

Australia’s Artesian Basin – $14 Billion down the drain each year The traditional view of the Great Artesian Basin, which is the basis of government policies and which is taught in schools, is that the aquifer is a porous rock where the water content is continuously replenished by slow seepage from the strata outcrops in […]