Alan Jones interviews Dr Richard Denniss

Alan Jones talks to the Executive Director of the Australia Institute Dr Richard Denniss about Australia’s gas reserves and the new report by TAI called Cooking Up a Price Rise – Will CSG exports push up the price of gas? Alan Jones says “CSG mining is an industry littered with untruths – and Hartcher and […]

Alan Jones interviews Barry O’Farrell

Alan talks to the NSW Premier about a number of issues affecting the state including coal seam gas. At 26 minutes 40 secs into the interview, Alan asks O’Farrell some hard questions re CSG & mining.

Alan Jones and guests discuss CSG and Offshore Petroleum Act

Alan Jones talks to Penny Blatchford, Jeremy Buckingham, Tony Davis and Tony Pickard about coal seam gas and the Offshore Petroleum Act.

Alan Jones interviews Tom Marland (Qld lawyer)

Queensland lawyer Tom Marland talks to Alan Jones about the battle being waged between farmers and the mining companies in Queensland.

LNP elder calls for investigation of CSG whistleblower claims

Former Queensland bureaucrat Simone Marsh has told the Four Corners program she was forced to rush assessments of major coal seam gas projects in a process which put commercial outcomes before the environment.

Alan Jones discussing “Gas Leak!”

Alan Jones talks about the Four Corners program “Gas Leak” – and how disgraceful the approvals system for gas projects has been. How the govt. said all they wanted were “bankable outcomes” – that they had a $20 million project and that this project must be approved. And that “commercial considerations were to be put […]

Dirty Money – Matthew Benns

We’re all aware of the mining activity going on in Queensland, but what about the dirty side of mining? Matthew Benns, author of ‘The Men Who Killed Qantas’, has a new book out called ‘Dirty Money’ in which he outlines what he claims is the true cost of Australia’s mining boom. Here Matthew Benns begins by talking about who the really big mining companies are in this country.

Who regulates the regulators?

Dr Gavin Mudd, an environmental engineer at Monash University, digs into the trend towards regulatory capture, a phenomenon that allows de facto self regulation for many companies such as miners. Regulatory capture occurs when the regulators lose their independence and their scientific objectivities when regulating a particular industry as a result of moving too close to the industries.

Bill calls for moratorium on CSG mining in NSW

NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham tells Alan Jones about his push for a moratorium on coal seam gas mining in New South Wales.

Alan Jones speaks to Senator Bill Heffernan about coal seam gas mining

Alan Jones discusses corruption in politics, dredging Gladstone Harbour, and the coal seam gas industry. Then he talks to Senator Bill Heffernan about the govt. documents he has found, where the government was advised of the risks of this CSG industry in 2006.