CSG Projects must be abandoned

Toowoomba Chronicle 29-Oct-2010

ALL coal seam gas projects throughout Australia must be abandoned immediately as a matter of urgency.
The very act of drilling has produced sinister results at every site and if state governments continue to ignore the grave consequences of drilling, Australia stands to lose prime farming land while simultaneously
contaminating our waterways and running the risk of further major disasters.
The recent September Californian disaster illustrates how easily “things” can go wrong and as explained in a recent LA Times report: “A drop in electrical power in a pipeline control system led to a rise in gas pressure just before a major transmission line ruptured last month in San Bruno, killing eight and causing an inferno that destroyed dozens of homes …”
Coal seam gas projects are seriously dangerous missions and it is grossly insulting to our intelligence to suggest that the creation of at least 1200 new jobs in Queensland will in any way compensate for the irreparable damage to our environment and the significant loss of prime agricultural land.
The major component of natural gas is methane, which only serves to exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions but I truly wonder … how many more mining disasters do we need to witness globally, before we realize that mining (and oil) disasters are permanently poisoning our planet?


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