Water well explodes in Arkansas

Sharon and Jerry have been ranching for many years and had no trouble with their water till gas companies fracked around their farm. They initially had contamination of their pond and had many cattle die. They thought this was behind them, but noticed their drinking water had changed. They didn’t realize just how much it did till this week. Apparently natural gas is seeping into their water well and when the well pump went on…kaboom…an explosion. The solid cinder block well house rocked, leaving it with major cracks. They called the fire marshall to inspect and he verified that natural gas was issuing from their water well. The video above is the water flowing from their well out in the open, but as you can see this water can light on fire. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop that’s drinkable….

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  1. TSGordon says:

    It’s true, I am here in Arkansas and I’m here to report that you must stop the fracking as soon as possible, they seem to be primarily interested in getting the long term rights to all the world’s potable water.

    They are not worried about rural and community access to clean water, in fact it is better if it is contaminated, knowing that water can be used to fuel our cars and trucks, etc.,

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