Senate hearing spotlight on coal seam gas

ABC TV news - 2.8.2011

Farmers and environment groups from the north-west of New South Wales are preparing to lobby a Senate hearing to act on their concerns about coal seam gas exploration. The public hearing by the Senate committee at Narrabri follows three previous sessions in Queensland at Brisbane, Roma and Dalby.

The first witness to be called will be the new president of the NSW Farmers’ Association, Fiona Simson, who is a long-time opponent of coal seam gas.
“I really want to make sure that the Senators are aware of the effects of this industry right now on our members and landholders right across many parts of the state and the Murray-Darling Basin,” Ms Simson said.

The Mayor of the Moree Plains Shire Council, Katrina Humphries, will also be voicing her opposition because of the threat coal seam gas poses to food production.
“Why should our ratepayers be threatened with legal action, why should their lives be disrupted, why should our beautiful farming lands be ruined, and why should we have to put up with this because of government’s gross mismanagement?” Ms Humphries said.

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