Queensland Party demands freeze on gas exploration

North Qld. Register, 25.11.2010

THE Queensland Party has called for a moratorium on coal seam gas exploration on farming property and in areas where drinking water may be affected.
Party leader, Aidan McLindon, said in a media statement that the discovery of the cancer-causing agent benzene in three wells near Mackay increased the need to proceed with caution and to put people’s lives and livelihoods before the interests of mining companies.

“While I support the expansion of the industry in Queensland, it has to be done in a safe manner that ensures drinking water is safe, and that prime farming land is not destroyed,” he said.

“The Queensland Party and the Independents were the only MPs in Parliament who supported a moratorium on coal seam gas exploration when a division was called to amend the Geothermal Energy Bill 2010.

“The LNP (Liberal National Party), in particular, have sold out their true believers – the Queensland farmer in regional Queensland – to please the mining companies that fund them.

“They have put aside their duty as the Opposition to hold the Government to account and instead voted with the ALP (Australian Labor Party), as they too often do.

“In the meantime, the Queensland farmer is suffering and their lives and livelihood are at risk.


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