Message from Tara Meixsell

Here is a message from a member of GABPG, Tara Meixsell of the United States. Thank you Tara for this message, and for your support:

“Yes, I totally support the ‘Lock the Gates’ campaign… I’m from Colorado in the U S, and was there touring re gas issues this August in Queensland, and I was there for the Tara Blockade.

In the U S West the ‘do nothing controversial ‘ to rock the boat approach has been ineffective. Now that they are hitting the more urban and educated and better financed areas near New York and PA it is going better – very much because of the work of the journalists, writers, and filmmakers diligently hammering away at this huge looming problem.

But, even around NY and the Pennsylvania cities, it is a mountainous battle of huge proportions… the energy industry is so powerful… But the messes they are making are becoming to big to ‘buy out off’ ‘silence with gag orders’ and ‘deny, deny, deny’ as is the long time industry credo.

Media is a great weapon against them, as is proper civil rebellion.

Go Australia, and fight for your water, and land, and rights.

Tara Meixsell
‘Collateral Damage’ author
Garfield County Associate Director and Consultant of Emmy Award winning ‘Split Estate’ documentary
Contributor and participant in ‘GasLands’

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