Fractured aquifers below ground, create methane-venting bores

The Burping Bore

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  1. Anne Kennedy says:

    This is a bore that I saw at Tara, that is rumbling and growling and spurting with gas, constantly – and every five minutes or so it erupts into a geyser of gas, which shoots into the air (this photo). The gas measuring meter went beserk! The aquifer has been fractured (way below) by gas mining nearby – and can now never be repaired. It is now venting raw methane into the atmosphere – how can they worry about cattle burping, when they allow this?
    The flow has dropped from 1500 litres to 300 lt. Of course this bore should be immediately sealed and closed off – but there are lots like that, and DERM do nothing about them. When I said to Dayne (who was showing us the bore), that the mines and govt. say there aren’t any leaking gas wells (I heard their govt. rep. a while ago on Qld. ABC talking about it) – Dayne said, “They initially said there were none, then they admitted to 11, then to 29 and so on, and they now admit there are 157 leaking”!!!

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