Concerns about Coal Seam Gas – ABC blog

ABC radio Western Plains - blog by Liz Hedge.

 Concerns about Coal Seam Gas –  ABC Blog – Liz Hedge 30/8/2010 

A group of concerned farmers and local MPs are still unpacking after they took a trip to Roma and Dalby in Queensland last week to examine the effects of coal seam gas mining in the region.  Exploration is currently underway to determine the feasibility of a gas pipeline through the North-West of NSW and landholders are concerned that mining could damage the rich agricultural land in the region.

The group spoke to farmers across the border who already have experienced gas mining on their properties to see what the reality of it is. They also met representatives from the major gas companies. This morning Anne Kennedy from the Great Artesian Basin Protection Group told us the trip to Queensland did nothing to alleviate their fears and that they are still seriously concerned about what gas mining will do to the region.

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